This site was made possible by:

    Faith No More - Special Thanks to Bill Gould for his help with information.  

    The Fans who have contributed information, photos, audio, video, reviews and enthusiasm to this site, especially the members of the Caca Volante Mailing List, the fans who post on and the people who hang out on a certain IRC channel (You know who you are). Webmasters & Associates:

    Mike Leach (USA) - Web hosting facilities, server admininistration, CGI-scripting, lots of HTML, IRC Bot and tons more.

Agatha Samborska (Australia) - Website administration/maintenance/development, co-writer and maintainer of the FNM FAQ.

David Cox (Australia) - Acquisition of domain, website administration/maintenance/development.

Stefan Negele (Germany) - Creating the enormous CV Database, which contains more information than anyone would ever need to know.

    Heather Scott (USA) - Original Site design and organization, HTML, graphics, editing, layout and promotion. Audio, video, live shows and miscellaneous sections.
    Nick Chester (USA) - Lyrics and Tablature sections, and help on many other sections in the site.
    Andy Couch (USA) - The News section.
    Star Leigh Wall (USA) - Contributing much of the information, articles and setlists which make up this site.
    Heather Leah Kennedy (USA) - The Band Biography section.
    Simone Turkington (Australia) - Assistance with the FNM FAQ.
    Simon Levesque (Australia) - Multimedia contributions to the Video and Audio sections, FTP site maintenance.
    Danimal (USA) - Creation and maintenance of the in-house Faith No More Discography and maintains the Merchandise section.
    Mike Altman (USA) - The Requests Page and assistance with the FAQ.

Special thanks to:
Jason Zolghadr, Henrick Johnsen, Karl Reinsch, Kevin Maynard, Craig Edwards, Andrew Bowie, Omri Grinberg and Steve Price for their contributions to sections on

    Rick Gritz for helping to design the current logo.

    Kabir at, the Tool site which inspired the creation of back in 1997.

About, initially born as Website of the Year, was created entirely by Faith No More fans. The site made its debut on June 2, 1997.

    The webmasters live on three separate continents, and this site was put together entirely through Internet communication: e-mail, IRC and iParty.

    Hundreds of FNM fans from around the world have contributed information to this site electronically, via the World Wide Web, e-mail, mailing lists, newsgroups and IRC.

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