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Last Cup of SorrowMost of these videos are approximately 30 seconds long and are about 2 megs each, with most of the videos now in Quicktime .mov format. A few are in .avi or real video format. Check the bottom of this page for links to video player software and troubleshooting tips.

Sorry, but we don't sell these videos here. Many of the clips here are of videos available on Video Croissant (1993) & Who Cares a Lot? (1999) compilations of Faith No More videos that are still widely available. Check out our Merchandise page for links to order it on the Internet.

The rest of the clips were caught by fans who were lucky enough to have vcr's handy at the right time. To find fans to trade copies of FNM videos with, check out our Tape Traders Page.

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Faith No More Promotional Videos

We Care a Lot
.mpg (42476 K)

Surprise! You're Dead!
.mpeg (24931 K)

.mpeg (37541 K)

Anne's Song
.mpg (43047 K)

Midlife Crisis
.mpg (39481 K)

.mpg (79961 K)

From Out of Nowhere
.mov (25994 K)

A Small Victory
.mov (1275 K)

Last Cup of Sorrow
.mov (2332 K)

Epic (part 1)
.mpeg (45961 K)

.mpg (31385 K)

Ashes to Ashes
.mpg (34733 K)

Epic (part 2)
.mpeg (45961 K)

Everything's Ruined
.mpg (46310 K)

.mov (2692 K)

Falling to Pieces
.mpg (45150 K)

Another Body Murdered
.mpg (44111 K)

I Started a Joke
.mpg (3314 K)
Digging the Grave
.mpg (31255 K)

Live Performances and Television Appearances

Collision - French TV .avi (1093 K)
Elysee Montmartre, Paris, May 3, 1997

Mix of several songs - French TV .avi (4993 K)
Elysee Montmartre, Paris, May 3, 1997

Ashes to Ashes - French TV .avi (3076 K)
Cannes Film Festival, 1997

Top of the Pops, 1995
.mov (720 K)

French TV
.rm Real Video (1653 K)
French TV show (1997) in Real Video

120 Minutes
.mov (2307 K)
Clip from MTV's 120 Minutes with Mike P. & Billy, 1997

Related Videos

You're One .mov (2328 K)
Imperial Teen
Includes: Roddy Bottum on vocals/guitar

Travolta .mov (1841 K)
Mr. Bungle
Includes: Mike Patton on vocals

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