Roddy Bottum on Dirty Weekend 1997

Channel 4 - Dirty Weekend - 30th July

We're here talking to Roddy from Faith No More

Shannon: Thanks for coming down today.
Roddy: Thanks for having me Shannon.
Shannon: I love your camera.
Roddy: Thank you.
Shannon: It's very beautiful.
Roddy: Thanks a lot.
Shannon: Have you been taking snaps of the festival?
Roddy: Not so many yet.
Shannon: Are these festivals very different do you think? like European... and they're different to an American crowd.
Roddy: Really different to an American crowd. The whole festival phenomena has never you know, hit America. America doesn't do festivals, say for that Lollapalloza thing.
Shannon: This is the 6th album Album Of The Year. Can you tell us a little bit about it. Is it very different to your other stuff?
Roddy: Ummm a little bit. It started out sort of our aim was to make a little more stripped down of a sound. The album that we made before this one was really sort of dense and full. That's part of the process.
Shannon: You were trained as a classical pianist is that right?
Roddy: That's right.
Shannon: And how did you get into rock and roll?
Roddy: Drugs..San Francisco (smiles) I moved to San Francisco when I was about 17 got mixed up with a shitty crowd and here I am.
Shannon: You play with another band aswell?
Roddy: (Nods)
Shannon: What name?
Roddy: It's called Imperial Teen.
Shannon: If you went to a desert island what three things would you take with you?
Roddy: Maybe my new camera, I guess the satellite system for the TV and maybe my boyfriend I guess I would bring.
Shannon: What's his name?
Roddy: Mike
Shannon: Mike...lovely.
Roddy: A little cozy.
Shannon: Ok listen thanks for coming on today.
Roddy: Sure Shannon.

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