Guitar Tab: "I Started A Joke"

Transcribed by: Henrik Johnsen


  G           Bm

  I started a joke

  C                 D           G      Bm

  Which started the whole world crying

  C              D

  Oh but I didn't see

  G        Bm          C      D

  That the joke was on me...oh no..

(Repeat G Bm C D till you get to the Chorus)

  And I started to cry

  Which started the whole world laughing

  Oh if I'd only seen

  That the joke was on me


      Em              Bm

  And I looked at the skies


  Running my hands 


  Over my eyes

      Bm            Em

  And I fell out of bed


  Cursing my head


  For things that I've said

Then repeat G Bm C D for verse and Em Bm C G Bm Em Am D for Chorus.

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