Faith No More Lyrics

We Care A Lot - We Care a Lot
Songs to Make Love ToSongs to Make Love To -
Introduce Yourself - Introduce Yourself
Cowboy SongThe Cowboy Song -
The Real Thing - The Real Thing
Perfect Crime/Sweet EmotionThe Perfect Crime / Sweet Emotion -
Angel Dust- Angel Dust
Another Body MurderedAnother Body Murdered
(w/Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.) -

King for a Day - King for a Day...
Fool for a Lifetime

KFAD b-sidesKing for a Day
b-sides -

Album of the Year - Album of the Year
AOTY b-sidesAlbum of the Year
b-sides -

Plagiarism - Plaigarism (Sparks)
Live, 1997Live Cover Songs,
1997 -

Who Cares A Lot?-Who Cares A Lot

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