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The CV list is a mailing list for the discussion of Faith No More and related projects, including Mr. Bungle, Imperial Teen, Brujeria, Sepultura, John Zorn and many many others. News, new releases, tour dates, articles, reviews and opinions are among the things posted on CV. Currently there are over 500 fans on the list.

The list was started in November, 1994, by Hal Turner and Marc Schoenen. Discussion was circulated manually to members of the list until February, 1995, when Andy Couch set up the Caca Volante domain - After a couple of moves, the CV list died in November, 1995, due to problems locating a new list server. In Spring, 1996, Dean Berry set up a replacement listserv at After establishing rules which some fans found too rigid to discuss their favorite bands, Andy Couch once again started a cv list called CV2. The two lists overlapped until 1999, when they were combined again into one CV list.

The CV-list receives many posts a day, and members of that list can expect a full e-mail box. If you wish to narrow that down to one or two big messages a day, you may want to subscribe to the CV-list-digest, which compiles posts in large bundles and sends them together as one message.


To subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) the CV mailing list, please goto the following URL:


Before you post questions to the list, PLEASE READ the Faith No More & Mr. Bungle frequently asked questions documents!


  1. Please keep the subject matter of your posts related to the artists and music the list was created for (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fant?mas, Secret Chiefs 3, Dieselhed, Imperial Teen, etc.).
  2. Please do not attempt to start "Top 10 Lists" or polls.
  3. Please do not post "me toos" or similar one-line posts.
  4. Personal emails should be sent to the people they are intended for, not the entire list.
  5. Please refrain from flaming others on the list.
  6. Non-text attachments are not allowed. You may upload files to


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