Here's How to Order Faith No More Stuff on the Internet


  • Esprit International Limited: - The best record store on the internet. Period. Great customer service, great prices, huge stock...lots of FNM goodies. Vinyl, CD singles, & promos all at fairly reasonable prices. Based in the UK.
  • Rock of Ages: - Another great UK store, but a little more expensive. Lots of FNM stuff, including a modest magazine selection. Good service, too.
  • The Record Mill Mailorder: - Great place to find that obscure single or rarity. Really nice staff. Check them out.
  • Vinyl Tap: World Wide Rarities: -Excellent selection, especially on vinyl. Also a little expensive, but goods and service are top notch.
  • CMS Music: - Good site. They have a few FNM collectibles to choose from, mostly UK pressings.


  • Southland CD: - Probably the best place to find promos in the states. Good selection, good service, and superb prices.
  • Vinyl Vendors: - Good selection at reasonable prices. They have a great searchable database, and it's updated weekly.
  • Lakeshore Music: - A really nice independent record store based in New York. They've got a great product selection and really great prices. Friendly, honest service.
  • Vintage Vinyl: -They stock a good selection of FNM imports. CD singles, vinyl, etc.
  • Secret Sounds: - A family owned/operated independent record store in Connecticut. Modest FNM selection, but good prices, and hey, they're pretty nice folks, too ;)
  • Around the World Music: - A small selection of FNM promos at reasonable prices.


  • Red Eye Records: - One of the few Australian sites that has a worthwhile selection of FNM material. Good selection of singles and at really good prices.


  • Hello Japan!: -Trevor Grace is the man. He actually goes to Japan to find your CD. Now that's service! In the past he's be able to track down the Japan LaserDisc copies of Video Croissant and Live at the Brixton Academy, both of which are long out-of-print. Give him a try if you're at your wits end for Japanese stuff.
  • Backtrip Japanese Records: - Looking for the Patton version of "As the Worm Turns"? Although they don't stock items, you can order the Japanese pressing of Angel Dust from them (POCD-1111). And in case you're a serious collector, they'll come through on all the full-length Japan FNM CD pressings, including We Care A Lot.


  • FARO Beenos Aires: - It probably helps to know Spanish when visiting this site. Although they don't stock their selections, if you're looking for the Spanish version of "Evidence", they appear to able to get Argentinean pressings of King for a Day...Fool for a Lifetime (828 671-2).


  • WYNNCO Online: - Looking for FNM memorabilia? Look no further. They carry posters, stage passes, calendars, guitar pics, press releases, and more.
  • Intergalactic Garage: - A good place for FNM memorabilia, specifically posters.


  • Web of Mimicry: - Carries a large selection of official Mr. Bungle merchandise, as well as several recordings featuring Trey Spruance.
  • Kool Arrow Records: - Billy Gould's record label, includes ordering information for several projects he is involved with, including Brujeria.
  • Tzadik Online: - John Zorn's record label catalogue, which offers some recordings from Mike Patton including his solo albums 'Adult Themes for Voice' and 'Pranzo Oltranzista'.


  • GEMM (Global Electronic Music Marketplace): GEMM is not a record dealer, rather a posting where record dealers can advertise their stock. A convenience, but one must also be cautious. Lots of annoying places that advertise on GEMM don't stock any of their merchandise, rather post what they will backorder. AllStars, MassMusic, & WMI name only a few...
  • Record Collecting Recourses: An apt title, as just a listing of record stores with sites on the internet. If you've got lots of time and even more patience, you might just find that record afterall....
  • UBL (Ultimate Band List): This is the UBL listing of record stores on the internet.
  • Yahoo Music Companies: CDs, Records and Tapes: -Yahoo's directory for music companies on the internet.
  • eBay: Online auction house which often has several Faith No More items up for sale by indviduals and fans. Sometimes this can be a good place to find older FNM merchandise like t-shirts, CDs and posters secondhand, but prices, condition of merchandise and integrity of sellers may vary.


  • Currency Converter: Allows you to figure out exactly how much it'll cost in your country's currency when ordering from a company overseas.
  • The Faith No More Discography - Lists detailed information and catalog numbers for every FNM release.
  • The Faith No More Memorbiliography - Detailed information about FNM merchandise, including posters, t-shirts and other collectibles. Coming Soon!
  •'s Tape Trading Resources - Still can't find what you're looking for? Find someone here to trade copies of rare FNM items with.

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