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Faith No Man

out-of-print 7" single
Pre-"We Care a Lot"
released under the name "Faith No Man"

Song of Liberty - 5461 kb
All Quiet in Heaven
- 7761 kb


Remixed version of "Caffeine"
by Bill Gould

Engove - 5974 kb

New Improved Song

Recorded prior to "The Real Thing"
Early version of "The Morning After"
With Chuck Mosley on vocals

New Improved Song - 5322 kb

Sweet Emotion

Recorded during "The Real Thing" sessions
Released on 7" giveaway with Kerrang! Magazine
Early version of "The Perfect Crime"

Sweet Emotion - 5327 kb


Angel Dust


Japanese album release contained 2 extra tracks:
Easy & an Updated version of "As the Worm Turns"
With Mike Patton on vocals

As the Worm Turns - 6232 kb

Greed 8-Track

Pre-"We Care a Lot" demo
With Chuck Mosley on vocals

Greed - 3303 kb

King for a Day...

(selected countries)

Released in some Spanish-speaking countries
Contains version of "Evidence" in Spanish

Evidence (Spanish) - 5491 kb