Faith No More Tape Trading Resources

A list of resources for collectors of Faith No More live and rare recordings, from bootlegs to audience recordings to television and radio broadcasts. Included is a full list of all shows that are known to be recorded and information on those recordings and a Beginners Guide to Tape Trading FAQ.

Live Recording Lists

These lists indicate if a particular show was recorded, how it was recorded, the quality of that recording and details of the songs including in that recording.

1997 / 1998
1985 / 1988


Tape Trading Related Links

  • Beginners Guide to Tape Trading - Important information for anyone wanting to get into tape trading from equipment to where to put your webpage!
  • FAQ - An extensive collection of information on tape trading covering such details as 2 for 1 trades, trading etiqutte, list making and much more. Make sure you read this to avoid any easily avoidable problems.
  • discography - The discography at has extensive details of the many Faith No More CD and vinyl bootlegs that are availble.
  • - Many traders post to this newsgroup asking for trades. People usually post their trading lists with bands they are looking for in the header to make browsing messages easier.
  • - The Faith No More newsgroup is a good place to ask for specific items to trade.

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